21 December 2021

On December 20, the UniSat program participants met with famous Russian scientists and popularizers of cosmonautics Anastasia Stepanova and Vitaly Egorov

Anastasia was born and raised in Tashkent, then left for Moscow to study. A participant in the international space projects SIRIUS19 and Mars 160, by her example, she proves that girls from Uzbekistan can get into space programs if this goal is really important to them.


Anastasia spoke in detail about the complex scientific experiments that they carried out within the framework of these missions, about the impact of weightlessness, space and isolation on human health, about her dreams and plans for a flight into space.


Vitaly held a session on small artificial satellites (cubsats, nanosats), told and showed how cubesats are assembled, how they are launched into space and what data satellites can collect for science and business.


The meeting participants asked many interesting questions about flights to Mars, the work of nanosatellites, astronomy and space research. The authors of the best questions (according to our guests’ opinion) received gifts from the UniSat program.


“Very interesting and inspiring stories that inspire admiration for their dedication in achieving their goal. Now they are examples of hard work and love for their profession for me.”
– participant of the UniSat program.

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