Central Asia Startup Accelerator Program


Technological platform for startups and accelerators, process automation, analytical system for working with startups, rating. The platform has a large library and more than 200 unique video courses in 3 languages from the best practitioners created specifically for this platform.


At the moment, the platform helps large IT and scientific accelerators and programs to work.




Central Asia Mentoring Platform


Central Asian mentoring platform for working with Mentors from around the world and startups.


The IT platform makes it possible to create sessions, rate mentors and startups, and track work performance.


At the moment, over 100 mentors from different countries help start-ups in Central Asia on the platform.



Imkoniyat mobile application


Imkoniyat for parents with children with special needs.


The application is created on two platforms: ios and android

#Искусственный интеллект

#Soft skills