Startup Mix Conference

About project

Startup Mix is the first in Uzbekistan and the most respected business conference on startups and innovations, which has been held since 2013.

Our audience: businessmen, IT-entrepreneurs, company leaders, developers, designers, startuppers, marketers, journalists, senior students of universities.

The event used to be held every month (we held 40 events), but in 2019 it is held on a larger scale, several times a year.


Main achievements of the Project:

  • 6 years ago, very few people heard about startups in Uzbekistan. Now IT startups are in trend. We are developing the market;
  • We have gone beyond Tashkent and in March 2019 held a conference in Nukus;
  • We discuss current trends (artificial intelligence, robotics, “green” technologies, etc.), popularize these areas among young people and the local business audience;
  • Thanks to contacts in Silicon Valley, Israel, Central Asia, Russia, we have the opportunity to invite cool experts for the Startup Mix audience;
  • The Startup Mix format is constantly changing, we come up with new sections;
  • The conference has a loyal audience;
  • Wonderful volunteers help us ?

We held the classic Startup Mix events: in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inha University, and the Co-working ТЧК. The big Startup Mix events, already within the framework of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, took place during ICT Week 2015-2016, Central Asian Trade Forum-2018 and Central Asian Women in Tech & Science Week, in Tashkent and Nukus. Thank you partners for your cooperation!

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