Curiosity Maker Space

About the Project

Curiosity MakerSpace is a creative space open for creative people, inspired for creation, creativity, search for innovative solutions and the implementation of creative ideas. In 2018-2019, we held many events with youth within the framework of the project. Curiosity MakerSpace will open in 2020 in Tashkent, with the support of the US Embassy in Uzbekistan.   A community of enthusiastic makers — people of all ages, techies, craftsmen, and garage inventors — comes together in a creative workspace to realize their ideas and prototype invented products. Among the makers are everyone who creates interesting projects and conducts experiments: programmers and engineers, students and schoolchildren, masters, scientists, creative people.   MakerSpace is a workshop equipped with 3D printers, machine tools, work equipment and tools necessary for creating prototypes of invented products, a platform for authors, innovators and technology enthusiasts where they can realize their ideas and projects in a working atmosphere. This is a laboratory with equipment and technologies – from 3D printing and robotics to programming and web development, and a place full of interesting events, scientific and art classes for schoolchildren, students and adults, helping to continue individual research.   The main idea of ​​Makers Space is the development of scientific and technical creation, creativity, ability to “work with hands”, popularization of “do it yourself” thinking, increase in interest in crafts, engineering, and scientific projects.   Project web site:

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