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04 October 2021

On October 9, at 16:00, there will be a quest-training on the topic: “Time Management”


Speaker: Lola Razzakova


About the speaker:

  •  business trainer-methodologist;
  •  certification of the international school ICBT;
  •  certification of the Uzbek-Japanese center UJC;
  •  certified practitioner according to the DISC method;
  •  coach;
  •  facilitator;
  •  experience in the field of HR over 16 years, of which over 12 years in international companies TBC Bank, KPMG, CNH Industrial;
  •  experience in conducting business trainings in the offline format for over 6 years, in the online digital format – 2 years;
  •  the author of trainings, first held in Uzbekistan on the themes “Theory of generations and application in management”, “DISC in management”, “DISC for HRM”, the author’s course “Personnel training and development specialist / Internal business trainer”;
  •  conducted more than 2000 hours of training, the main directions – trainings on Soft skills and personnel management.

The trainer conducts seminars in countries such as Uzbekistan, Russia and other CIS countries.

  • The webinar will be held on the Zoom platform
  • From 16:00 to 18:00

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