On January 5, we held a workshop on Ideation & Design Thinking with Eileen Brewer

06 January 2022

On January 5, we held a seminar on Ideation & Design Thinking with Eileen Brewer, from Silicon Valley (USA), mentor of STEM programs for girls of Technovation and TechWomen.


The participants of the seminar learned how to generate ideas, how to formulate a problem from the side of users, how to choose one problem / idea from several, how to discuss ideas in a team, share their ideas and receive comments from target users.


The teams chose one social problem that is relevant for Uzbekistan, and managed to think over the layouts of a mobile application that would be able to solve the selected problem.


Eileen wished the teams and all Technovation participants in Uzbekistan good luck, courage in achieving their goals and not to lose interest in IT and technologies, since STEM knowledge will come in handy in any profession they choose.


Thanks to The Center for Advanced Technologies for helping us organize the meeting!

Stay tuned for the news of our future seminars and do not forget that all participants and mentors need to register and create a team (join a team) on the international website (https://my.technovationchallenge.org/).

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