07 December 2021

Online meeting with a representative of the agency “Uzbekkosmos”

On December 9 (Thursday) at 18:00 an online meeting with a representative of the Uzbekkosmos agency (Agency for Space Research and Technologies under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan) will take place.


Speaker: Mukhiddin Ibragimov, Head of Geoinformation Technologies and Navigation Department.


You will learn:

  • what projects the agency “Uzbekkosmos” is engaged in;
  • what professions related to space will be in demand in 2022;
  • what career prospects does Uzbekkosmos offer;
  • how the agency works with satellites and satellite data;
  • what space technologies can be applied in Uzbekistan.


The webinar will be organized in two languages. Prepare your questions for our expert if you dream of becoming a part of the space industry.

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