On December 4-5, we held seminars in Nukus with the teams of our startup accelerator

06 December 2021

For 2 days, we held many sessions, and the meeting program was very eventful. Participants from Muynak also came to Nukus.


  • Tatiana Shalunova, founder and development director of the Profi Training business school, conducted the Cash flow business game (for the development of financial literacy and entrepreneurial intelligence).
  • Tatiana also held a session on Cost Management and Break-Even Point Calculation.
  • Each project calculated its financial indicators and received comments from the trainer.
  • On the second day of the workshop, Tatiana talked about important skills for public speaking.
  • Teams also tried to present their project in 2 minutes and get “investment” and pitch comments from mentors and audience.
  • Ozoda Ismailova, our mentor, gave comments to all teams on the environmental component of their projects.


We also had fun warm-ups for team building and networking. Thank you all for your active participation these two days!

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