10 January 2022

A webinar with an international expert from Oracle will be held on January 11

Our next joint webinar with an international Oracle expert will be held this Tuesday, January 11 at 5:00 pm.


Topic: Creative thinking and sustainability.

Speaker: Tania Le Voi – Director of Product Strategy for Oracle Digital, currently supports and develops the business of all Oracle products and services for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) market. Tanya is a Computer Science expert with extensive experience in product management, consulting, IT operations, and startups.


At the webinar, you will learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams of specialists and find new, creative and sustainable solutions for urban, industrial and business environments.


Our speaker’s personal qualities include a high degree of creativity, which she uses to identify, analyze and fix problems.


We need creative thinking in order to search for non-standard approaches to solving environmental problems in the region, and the tasks that our companies face.


The webinar will be held at Zoom (January 11, Tuesday, 17:00) in English, with translation into Uzbek.


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