27 April 2020

Technovation girls in Uzbekistan 2020

Online IT-trainings for mentors of Girls Technovation initiative were held in four regions of Uzbekistan during COVID-19 quarantine.

Technovation Girls is the largest and most popular STEM initiative for girls in the world which was introduced in Uzbekistan in 2016 and was supported by UNDP from the time of its commencement, to develop technological mentorship in the country. On April 20, our joint project with Ministry for Supporting Makhalla and Family “Empowering Women to Participate in Public Administration and Socio-Economic Life” has facilitated an online IT training sessions on Technovation IT-curriculum in four pilot regions of Uzbekistan (Andijan, Fergana, Urgench, Nukus).

The online trainings conducted via ZOOM application were attended by 45 mentors from 4 regions of Uzbekistan who will be supporting the teams of girls from the age of ten to eighteen in the future training. The goal of the training was to solve existing issues in Education, Healthcare, Migration, Unemployment, Bullying, Gender inequality, Environment, Tourism, and other areas by creating innovative mobile applications in these areas.

Mentors were divided into teams and each team was supported by area professionals – entrepreneurs, teachers, university students, and IT professionals.

All proposed mobile applications were recorded and posted on the Youtube channel as well as on the program’s local and international websites. Since Technovation is a competition of girls under 18, most of the projects are created for the sake of acquiring skills and knowledge in order to choose a career in IT as well as effective networking.

Training sessions were focused on building skills of mentors participating in Technovation and helping them to acquire necessary IT-skills as well as foster mentorship and promote women role-models in STEM, strengthen gender equality and empower young women and girls and to provide them with quality education.

Online IT trainings mean a lot for mentors during COVID-19, since they inspire other young women and girls, who are doing housework and taking care of their family all day long during the quarantine period. It’s important for them to gain more confidence by developing technological mentorship skills and continue supporting Technovation Girls in Uzbekistan in the future.

The training was coordinated by a non-government organization – Tech4Impact with support from the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, IT school named after Muhammad al-Khorazmi, Association of support for children and families of Uzbekistan, Center for Advanced Technologies under Ministry of Innovational Development of Uzbekistan and will be conducted until May 4, 2020.

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