20 May 2022

Participants of UniSat Uzbekistan spoke about the launch of a nanosatellite, career choice and stereotypes about girls in STEM

On May 8, after the launch of the nanosatellite, we asked the girls from the UniSat team to share their opinions on the following topics:


• How did the launch of the nanosatellite in Uzbekistan go, and what role did each girl play at the launch?
• how they came to technical professions;
• whether you faced stereotypes about girls in IT and whether there was support in the family;
• Is it difficult to work with data and why data is important (especially in the field of climate change);
• whether there is a future for “space” programs in Uzbekistan;
• wishes to the girls of our country.


The video turned out to be very interesting. Thanks to all our participants!


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