20 April 2022

On April 20, UniSat Uzbekistan participants worked together with Uzhydromet specialists in technical analysis and data processing

Today, April 20, UniSat Uzbekistan participants worked together with specialists from the Center for Hydrometeorological Service of our country on technical analysis and data processing.


It is worth noting that most of the unique specialists of Uzhydromet are women who have devoted themselves to science and technology.


Climate change monitors told participants about:

• how Uzhydromet works as part of the World Meteorological Organization;
• what role do stations located in Uzbekistan play;
• how the draft Decree of the Government of Uzbekistan on adaptation to climate change in Uzbekistan was developed.


The girls were greeted by the General Director of the Center, Khabibullaev Sherzod Khabibullahuzhaevich, who entered the service from the IT sector. He told how they work with digitized databases that have collected information on the climate in Uzbekistan for more than 100 years.


UniSat participants learned how to form and analyze hydrometeorological information data, and enter not only into the national climate database, but also work with international Big Data;


There were many interesting questions from the girls from the audience, as well as online, from those who could not attend.


In particular, Nodira Tillyaeva asked if she could do an internship during the summer holidays. She is interested in the possibility of digitalization of the processes of the Monitoring Department of the Environmental Pollution Department. The Deputy Director of Uzhydromet, Karimov Ibratjon, gladly responded to this initiative and invited UniSat participants to practice at the Center.


The girls also visited the highest point in Tashkent, where sensors and instruments for hydrometeorological services for various sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan are installed at the weather station.


The participants learned how a hygrometer works – a device for measuring air humidity, meteometers, thermometers for measuring air and soil temperatures at different depths, looked at how data is collected and sent to the server.


It is unfortunate that everyone was limited in time, but Uzhydromet specialists promised to hold another meeting and pay more attention to the questions that the girls asked: the greenhouse effect, the role of satellite observations in climate research, the scientific base of climatology in Uzbekistan and how women and girls are scientists develop their skills in Data Science.


We thank Uzhydromet and their specialists for organizing such an interesting meeting!


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