30 November 2018

Participation in the Conference in Poland

Saida Yusupova, regional ambassador and coordinator of Technovation in Uzbekistan, participated in the international conference in Poland, Women in Tech Summit 2018, on November 27-28, 2018.


The summit was attended by 3,000 people, including the speakers from Silicon Valley, the European countries, and Central Asia.

Saida represented Uzbekistan and shared our experience in attracting girls to the STEM area (science, mathematics, technology and engineering), using the Technovation Uzbekistan program as an example and our Technovation events (for example, the Week of Women’s Technological Entrepreneurship, which we plan to hold again in March 2019).

Discussion topic: how to create a critical mass of girls in STEM?

Indeed the potential of many girls and women is not fully applied, and it could give a tangible impulse to the development of science and technology in the world and our country, inclusively. All the participants in the discussion shared the experience of their countries.



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