ClimateLaunchpad Uzbekistan


There are many great ideas in the world to improve the environment. But most of them will remain at the idea stage, will never take the next step and will not become viable projects.

Ideas need an additional impulse, a push. Mentors support. Training. The opinion of experienced experts. Advice from those who have already experienced entrepreneurial misfortune or become successful.

Thanks to mentoring and training, many ideas can become a reality.

This is where ClimateLaunchpad appears, providing, in collaboration with partners around the world, training, instruction and support.

Intensive startup modules from ClimateLaunchpad include the following topics:

  • Team and the role of founder;
  • Market segmentation and search for first customers;
  • How to create value for your customers and how to communicate with them;
  • How to create a startup that earns money;
  • How to influence climate change;
  • Financial metrics and startup plan;
  • How to calculate the impact on climate change;
  • Customer search, customer discovery;
  • Preparing for pitch session.

These topics were discussed at the bootcamp on July 11-12. The Bootcamp trainer, Franz Nauta, specializes in innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on clean technology.

Some of Franz’s projects: ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest clean technology business ideas program (>45 countries, more than 800 startups trained this year), Climate-KIC startup accelerator (about 1,000 startups registered and over 600 attracted million Euros).

After the bootcamp, all teams, together with the trainers, studied 6 additional modules in the ClimateLaunchpad program.

Each team, to speak at the final, prepared a presentation (pitch session).

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