09 June 2022

June 10-12: Interactive workshops in Shumanai, Nukus and Muynak

We invite women entrepreneurs, senior university students, and all girls who have a startup idea to interactive workshops in Shumanai, Nukus and Muynak!


We will talk about the project “Accelerating the development of women’s green technology startups in Uzbekistan” and how you can win grants of $2,000 to develop your business.



  • Shumanay, June 10, 14:00.
    Venue: Agency for Youth Affairs
  • Muynak, June 11, 11:00.
    Venue: Agency for Youth Affairs
  • Nukus, June 12, 10:00.
    Venue: Agency for Youth Affairs

The seminar will be held in Karakalpak and Russian, and will last 2.5-3 hours, with a coffee break for participants.


Come to our seminar and find out how you can get knowledge and open your own business for free. Our coordinators will answer all your questions.


Registration via link:



Project “Accelerating Women’s Climate Change Tech Startups in Uzbekistan“ is implemented by Tech4Impact and funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund.

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