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Technovation Girls is not a one-time event. The program lasts 6 months, from December to May, with proven performance in Uzbekistan. The modules that each team learns (in English) cover programming, basics of marketing, basics of business planning, social entrepreneurship, video creation, public speaking skills and preparation for presentation:

  • team building, teamwork, work with mentors;
  • identification of needs and problems in local communities;
  • how to conduct brainstorms in a team;
  • how technology and mobile applications can help to solve social problems;
  • how to choose a program for creating mobile applications; work with App Inventor;
  • how to research market;
  • how to set tasks;
  • what are algorithms;
  • minimum viable product;
  • how to create prototypes;
  • what types of business exist, and why business companies need a mission;
  • event handlers in programming;
  • what is branding;
  • data and functions;
  • color schemes and fonts in design;
  • variables and lists
  • how to create logos;
  • mobile applications marketing;
  • logic in programming;
  • cycles and conditional expressions;
  • databases and sensors
  • business models building;
  • social entrepreneurship;
  • public speaking skills;
  • creating pitch videos and demo videos;
  • creating pitch presentations.

  Our statistics on conducting Technovation in Uzbekistan: We thank partners for cooperation in promoting Technovation in Uzbekistan! The entire program is available on the international Technovation website,



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