Family Contest Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge


The theme of the course: “What is artificial intelligence, and why you should not be afraid of the development of artificial intelligence.”

The educational materials for this international course were developed in collaboration with Google, Nvidia, Boeing, General Motors, etc. In February 2018, CEO Google Sundar Pichai said that artificial intelligence will give people more than mastering of fire or invention of electricity.

During the classes, participants learned how school knowledge of physics, mathematics, computer science and biology is associated with artificial intelligence, which new professions will appear soon, and which ones will forever be a thing of the past.

The teams also got acquainted with such promising areas as robotics, machine learning. The program of the course includes theoretical and practical exercises, consisting of 3 main stages and 10 exercises:

  • Basics of artificial intelligence
  • Basics of robotics
  • Artificial intelligence for solving the community problems.


The course is designed for nine months and 10+ joint classes of all groups, the rest is remote online work of teams.

In addition to classes on the international program, the teams, with their projects, took part in the project exhibition as part of the eighth annual Central Asian Trade Forum in Tashkent, 17-18 October 2018 and we conducted a tour of the GM Powertrain Uzbekistan factory.

The course is completely free for participants. Participants who completed the 3 stages of the course received certificates.

Detailed information of the Program:

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